Announcing the new book(s)!

At long last, Variant has given the official okey-dokey to announce two new books.

You've all probably noticed I hardly ever update the blog. It's not for lack of interest. I just tend to think better in big chunks rather than incrementally (short attention span theater...).  

 What He Wants: His Seven Secret Spanking Desires

Many readers who have used the techniques in the first two books to get their partner to spank them have written to me requesting a follow up book that talks about what happens after that first spanking. They want to know how they turn one spanking into a lifetime of satisfying spankings in the context of a committed relationship.

What He Wants is the beginning of answering that question, by talking about how to make sure that your partner gets what HE wants out of spanking you -- so he'll be more excited about doing it more often.

The official release date for What He Wants is September 15, but you can pre-order the book on the Variant website and save a couple bucks at the same time.       Book is now available!  Click below to order.

Stay tuned for an excerpt when I get a bit more time to post one!

You can get more information about pre-ordering What He Wants by clicking here.

And there's a second new book, The Little Book of Spanking Stories, a small collection of spanking fiction written by yours truly.

Back when I was a struggling young person making my way in the world, a friend of mine suggested to me that I should write erotica. There was good money in it, she said, and a reliable market.

I took her at her word, and began writing stories about what I found most erotic – the world of pleasure and pain, dominance and submission. In the pre-internet era, the market for stories of any kind was magazines, and I was fortunate enough to have my stories published in some prestigious publications, including Roy Turner’s iconic British magazine Domina, and the Australian spanking magazine, Paddles.

It was only years later, when I mentioned to my friend that I’d taken her advice and written erotica to support myself during those early years, that I discovered that when she’d suggested, “erotica,” she’d meant Harlequin romance novels, not actual erotica stories.

It’s a misunderstanding that served me well, as writing erotica stories for magazines with readers around the world all those years ago was one of many elements that helped me to deepen my understanding of the spanking and discipline fantasies and desires that I explore in my nonfiction books.

The stories in this little book are a few of my favorites from that time in my life – some of them published long ago in magazines that are now out of print, others published here for the first time.

You can get more information about The Little Book of Spanking Stories by clicking here.